What is a domain name?

In simple layman's terms, a domain name is the name people search or "google" in order to find your business on the internet. It is your online identity. In technical terms, a domain name is a sequence of words, letters, numbers or special characters which point to a particular location on the internet. That location could be your public website or a private intranet. Domain names are registered under a Domain Name System (DNS) which is more like a digital address book.    A domain name differs from a URL in that- a URL is the address bar which leads directly to your website (appears at the top of a website), while a domain forms part of the URL. In our case, our URL is www.hostt.co and our domain name is hostt.co.  It is also important to differentiate a domain name from hosting. Hosting refers to the server that holds your email or website data. To put it in relatable business terms, hosting is like a building which houses your office. The website is your office while the domain name is your business name which appears at the entryway. Our company offers domain name registration, as well as web and email hosting.      

Why do you need a domain name?    

1) To Secure your business name 

Imagine running your business offline and working very hard to build your brand, only for an impersonator to register a domain name using your business name and using it to make money online from your loyal customers. This would be a major loss on your end and it would also compromise your brand's identity.    Buying a domain name is like registering a business name. Once a name is secured, no one else can use the same name online. Buying a domain name can help you secure your business name and prevent others from using it online.    This however does not mean all domain names must be similar to existing business names. You can use whichever name you like but having a domain that matches your business name has its benefits. For instance, your customers can easily identify you online if they already know your offline brand.    

2) You need a professional business email 

A domain name comes with a custom email address as one of the perks. For instance, if your domain name is 'thepanda', you can create as many professional addresses using the domain. Common examples include; info@thepanda.uk, inquiries@thepanda.uk or sales@thepanda.uk.    Such professional email addresses are no longer a luxury but a necessity. Using free email addresses such as gmail or hotmail is deemed as unprofessional. Potential customers will not trust you if can't invest in a customized email, given that cons often use such free addresses to fleece unsuspecting individuals.

3) To establish your footprint online 

The online world is the new marketplace. Establishing your business' presence online is essential, as it offers an opportunity to expand your reach. Buying a domain name is the first step to owning a profitable online business. You need a domain name to create a business website and a URL which can be shared on different platforms. In a nutshell, a domain name is a gateway to earning from the digital space.      

Parts of a Domain name  

If you frequent the internet, you must have noticed that some website URLs end in .com, while others have the letters .uk or .org. These letters are not random. They indicate the different types of packages offered when buying a domain name. They also indicate that a domain name has different parts. In order to come up with the best domain name, you need to understand what makes up one and why different names are suited for different businesses or organizations     

a) Top Level Domain (TLD) 

This is the final part of a domain name and it is normally a two-lettered or three-lettered word preceded by a dot. It could be .uk/.com/.pizza or .org.

A .uk domain is location-based and can only be purchased by people within UK. It is suitable if you're operating your business within UK. If you choose to buy any of our web and email hosting services, you get a free .uk domain.   

A .com domain, on the other hand is quite popular as evidenced by the phrase 'dot com generation'. Initially, most websites had this type of domain name. They're general and website visitors from any part of the world can relate to them without feeling out of place.

Lastly, .org or .pizza domains are not as common since they indicate the nature of a business. They are mostly used if the business owner wants to distinguish their identity from others online.       

b) Second Level Domain (SLD) 

This is the most important and exciting part of your domain name. It is located right before the TLD, In our case, 'hostt' is our SLD. Your choice of an SLD is not limited as in the case of TLD. You can use your business, name, pet's name or blog name as an SLD. Whichever name you choose, ensure it's easy to remember, relatable and meaningful.      

How to buy a domain name 

Finally, this is the most important step in your journey, if you want to establish a meaningful digital presence. Buying a domain takes a very simple 4-step process as outlined below;    

1) Come up with a name 

This is the most important part of the process since a domain name is your unique identity online. You can use your existing business name or brainstorm to come up with other interesting options. You may also talk to a friend if you're feeling stuck. While at it, come up with as many as 5 names just in case your first choice is already taken.      

2) Conduct a domain search 

Just to make sure your domain name is not taken, you conduct a search by inserting your name of choice in our speedy up to date search tool. This will tell you whether your domain name is available or if you should choose another one.      

3) Choose a package 

If your domain name is available, you may proceed to choose a hosting package, This step is not compulsory, but it is necessary if you want to customize your email address or create a professional business website. Different packages come with different offers and prices. Most importantly, we offer a free website builder alongside all web hosting plan, thus saving your tons of money.      

4) Register and secure your domain name 

There's only one way to secure your domain name- paying for it. Different domain names are priced differently, This is determined by the Top Level Domain name. Whether you settle for a .com or .org,, paying for the package of your choice means you now own the domain name.      

Conclusion  If you have been thinking about getting a domain name, stop thinking and get yourself one. It is one of those decision that you will never regret because there are countless opportunities in the digital space. You only need to take the first bold step and we'll guide you through it with our professionally trained support.

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